Mt Fuji

Some meta-notes on this very website, such as how it was made, or where it's hosted. Aka, boring tech-y things.

You can also view its code on GitHub.

Tools ⚒

This website is built with Jekyll; it's edited on a MacBook Pro late-2016 using Atom, by an highly caffeinated human, usually late at night.

Hosting & Services ⚙

The website is hosted on S3 and deployed using s3-website. DNS are managed on Amazon's Route 53, and content is distributed through CloudFront's CDN. The domains (, are registered with Hover.

Other services in use include: GoSquared for the statistics, Formspree for the forms and Webtype for the typography.

Typography 𝜜

Nitti Grotesk (at different weights) is used for generally everything, besides from: buttons, footer and secondary elements. The latter are set in Input Mono at regular weight. The website also uses Gutenberg, a web typography starter kit.

Nitti Grotesk (regular)

Nitti Grotesk (bold)

Input Mono (regular)

Input Mono (bold)

Credits 😘

The icons in the homepage are made, in order, by: Lisa Krymova, Lee Mette, Amelia Nowak and Blue Tip Design.

That gorgeous avatar that you see in the header was kindly made by Fabrizio Rinaldi.

And well, nothing is completely original. Everything is a remix.


Content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.